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Vegetation Clearing Codes

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Eight (8) new Accepted Development Vegetation Clearing Codes (ADVCC) under the Vegetation Management Act 1999 came into effect on 21 June 2019.  The new codes provide for clearing for the following purposes: 

  • Extractive industry
  • Infrastructure
  • Improve agricultural efficiency
  • Managing encroachment
  • Managing fodder harvesting
  • Managing regulated regrowth
  • Managing weeds
  • Necessary environmental clearing

Some key points

  • If landholders have notified under a previous code (other than the fodder harvesting code), before they continue clearing they need to make a new notification and comply with the requirements of the new code that applies to their activity. If they notified clearing for fodder harvesting since March 2018, they do not need to make a new notification, however they do need to comply with the new fodder harvesting code. Previous notifications for native forest practices are unaffected.
  • Updates to the regulated vegetation maps have been made. Version 11 mapping incorporates major scientific updates from the Queensland Herbarium, including updates to regional ecosystem mapping  and conservation classes. There have also been updates to watercourse and drainage feature mapping and essential habitat mapping.
  • It is recommended that landholders who have downloaded a vegetation management report in the last year should download a new report to see if there are changes affecting their property. 
  • Emails will be sent to all landholders who notified DNRME of clearing under the codes, and all people who have downloaded vegetation maps or property reports in the last 12 months. 
  • System updates have been made to the online notification system to align to the updated codes and mapping. These updates are now live.



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