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Statement from ILF 2019

Friday 7 June 2019

Mayors and councillors from Queensland’s remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander councils met in Cairns to address common issues and to reaffirm their resolve to continue their push for federal and state government investment in housing in their communities.

Councils support the Federal Government’s efforts to recognise First Nations people in the Australian Constitution. However, they emphasise that recognition will be a hollow achievement for those people in their communities whose health, education, social well-being, personal welfare and general standard of living is being compromised on a daily basis by overcrowded housing.

Mayors and councillors acknowledged the immense benefits for youth and young adults in their community of an effective sporting program. The councils recognise the improved outcomes from programs designed and implemented by locally-engaged sport and recreation officers. They call on the State Government to work with councils and revisit its current practice of funding agencies external to the community to provide these services.

Councils also discussed the risk to community of the huge hike in insurance costs for community infrastructure damaged through natural disasters and the need to review land tenure arrangements to ensure there is sufficient land available for essential community infrastructure and community housing.

Councils pledged support for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders Waste Strategy project currently being undertaken through a partnership between the State Environment department and the LGAQ. They look forward to the outcomes of the strategy which is designed to ensure the unique waste  challenges of  remote communities are addressed in a sustainable manner.

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