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New guidelines for drinking water advice

Thursday 4, February

There are new guidelines for advising communities on drinking water quality issues

The information is for councils to support planning and communication of ‘boil water alerts' and other water advisories.

The Queensland Department of Health has released a new guideline and templates for drinking water advisories -  advice to communities around their drinking water quality.

Delivering safe water is a legislated requirement and an important daily responsibility of councils serving their local communities.

The new guidelines come at a time when several councils are closely monitoring water quality in the midst of large-scale flooding in parts of Queensland.

LGAQ’s Lead for Water and Sewerage Infrastructure Arron Hieatt said that the Department of Health guidelines were created to assist water providers when they need to communicate about water issues.

"Councils called on Queensland Health to facilitate for a more consistent approach to boil water alerts at the LGAQ Annual Conference last year," he said.

"Weather events, particularly heavy rainfall, affect water quality and the safety of water. Councils know that communicating with the public about water quality issues must be done quickly to reduce health risk, but these guidelines help make it clear what the Health Department expects."

Councils should review their current communication protocols for water quality issues to ensure they align with the Department of Health guidelines.

View the guidelines and templates.


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