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Local councils can bring the world

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

This article, by LGAQ media executive Craig Johnstone, originally appeared on LinkedIn here.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is about to set off on a trade trip to the United States. A succession of premiers has always paid special attention to the state’s trade relationship with the US and Ms Palaszczuk is no exception. A highlight of the trip will be the meeting that she, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and several other state premiers will have with about 40 state governors at a National Governors Association conference in Washington DC.

The Premier has spent a fair amount of time on her trade portfolio since her re-election.

Indeed, her Government is showing every sign of wanting to firm up its trade and investment strategy.

This month it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Local Government Association of Queensland to ensure there is better co-ordination and collaboration in the trade and investment attraction activities of the State and Queensland’s 77 local councils. SEE the LGAQ Press Release

That MOU rated a special mention in the Governor’s address at the opening of Queensland 56th parliament last week.

“My Government will continue to seek a constructive and consultative relationship with the other levels of government—Queensland’s 77 local councils and the Federal Government,’’ Governor de Jersey said.

“In terms of local government, my Government has pledged to continue its Works for Queensland program to fund job-generating infrastructure projects and has recently signed a memorandum of understanding to harness local councils’ role in developing our state’s export potential.”

The MOU comes at a time when local councils are receiving more and more attention from the top end of town regarding their key role in regional economic development.

At a Queensland Futures Institute function earlier this month, the Queensland Resources Council’s Policy Director of Economics and Infrastructure, Andrew Barger, had this to say:

“Local government is getting smart about leveraging off infrastructure booms. More responsive to opportunities than 20 years ago, state development is now regionalised and local government is feeding that. This passionate voice of local government is going to be really important.”

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