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LGAQ Eight Point Action Plan on Drought for comment


Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Following the drought workshops held with members earlier this year, we are seeking your feedback on our draft Eight Point Action Plan on Drought (member LG Online access required).

Developed with members as the key advocacy platform for the LGAQ on drought issues, the action plan will provide the basis for more detailed drought proposals, submissions and targeted advocacy pieces.

How you can contribute to drought advocacy

To provide on-going advice on drought issues and the LGAQ’s drought advocacy agenda, we are forming a Drought Reference Group comprising mayors and CEOs from drought-affected councils. The Drought Reference Group will convene regularly by teleconference. 

Interested members are invited to:

  • submit nominations for the Drought Reference Group by 13 September 2019
  • provide comments on the draft Eight Point Action Plan on Drought by 27 September 2019

Find out more

LGAQ's Tim Cox chats with Kirsten Pietzner about how and why the action plan was developed, its key messages and how it will help the LGAQ to advocate for drought affected Qld communities - and their councils.


All questions and comments on the action plan, and nominations to the Drought Reference Group, should be directed to Kirsten Pietzner, LGAQ Lead – Regional Development.


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