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Participating in the digital economy

Thursday, 18 October 2018

The LGAQ have been working with indigenous communities to encourage participation in the digital economy, focussing on infrastructure, awareness and skills.

In the video below, LGAQ innovation executive Lou Boyle takes us through these three key areas and tells us why they are so crucial to improving digital accessibility.  


The three key actions to improving digital participation in remote indigenous communities

Improve infrastructure: Unless you have good telecommunications infrastructure and the ability to connect you can’t participate in the digital economy. Improving the core and access network will ensure indigenous communities have the scale in their network to do the things bigger cities take for granted.

Create awareness: once you have good connectivity, awareness around digital capability is essential. Digital connectivity has been a central focus of recent indigenous Leaders Forums. Furthermore, the LGAQ-led indigenous digital roadshows have shown indigenous leaders what is possible in the digital landscape.

Upgrade skills: The LGAQ has been working with a number of key organisations to upgrade digital skills in indigenous communities.  Major blue-chip companies are providing valuable opportunities in this space; Digital Custodians is a program led by Microsoft that helps build the digital skills of Indigenous women in areas including augmented reality, blockchain, and big data.

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