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The facts on energy from waste

Wednesday, 10th October, 2018

Queensland's pursuit and development of a sustainable waste management industry is being marred by some who have taken statements made by the LGAQ and others out of context to push their own political agendas.

It is important that Queenslanders know where the LGAQ stands in relation to waste management reform.

We want to dispel any confusion and correct any misconceptions in the interests of proper and informed community debate. 

Contrary to the statements of those pushing their own political agendas, the LGAQ does not promote, nor has it ever promoted, incineration of waste as a preferred Energy from Waste (EfW) option.
The LGAQ reiterates and confirms that our research and investigation supports Anaerobic Digestion (AD) as the preferred EfW option.  On that basis, the LGAQ firmly supports AD as the preferred EfW option.
Further, the LGAQ does not propose, nor has it ever proposed, 10 EfW plants.  Nor does the LGAQ propose, or has it ever proposed, 2 AD plants and 8 incineration plants.  
The LGAQ reiterates and confirms that LGAQ’s research and investigation supports economic viability for 5 to 8 plants.  
On that basis, the LGAQ firmly supports the construction of 5 to 8 plants in Queensland, with AD being the preferred EfW option for those plants.   
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