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Have your say on the new IPWEAQ street design manual

Friday, 15 November 2019

The Institute of Public Works and Engineering Australasia Queensland (IPWEAQ) has released a proposed new Street Design Manual: Walkable Neighbourhoods, for public consultation until 20 December 2019.

The Street Design Manual has been drafted to contain three parts:

  1. Part 1 – Planning and Design Guidelines
  2. Part 2 – Detailed Design Guidelines
  3. Part 3 – Practice Notes

A consultation draft of the Street Design Manual is available for download on the IPWEAQ website.

How can local governments make a submission?

The LGAQ welcomes member feedback on the IPWEAQ Street Design Manual. Please send any comments through to Crystal Baker, Lead – Planning and Development by COB 13 December 2019.

Local governments can submit comments on any aspect of the Street Design Manual to IPWEAQ by 20 December 2019.

Due to the expected high volume of responses, IPWEAQ would prefer to receive all feedback to be submitted via the feedback form (sign in required), which does also allow for attachments to be uploaded.

IPWEAQ has also established a consultation portal for collaboration and discussion forums during the consultation period. To join the consultation portal or further information/assistance, please contact Carol Humber, IPWEAQ Project Coordinator via:

What is the purpose of the Street Design Manual?

The Street Design Manual is intended to be a contemporary guide for engineers, planners, designers, practitioners, stakeholders, and decision makers involved the design, planning and development of Queensland’s residential neighbourhoods.

The three key objectives, as stated in the document, are to:

  1. complement and support the implementation of key state government policy initiatives such as the Model Code for Neighbourhood Design;
  2. provide leading practice guidelines to facilitate healthier communities by maximising active transport and recreation in our new neighbourhoods; and
  3. provide a resource document of leading practice solutions to assist developers, designers, and local authorities to plan and deliver high quality attractive neighbourhoods with a great sense of place and community.

How has the Street Design Manual been developed?

In 2017, the IPWEAQ Board endorsed a discussion paper prepared by the 2018 IPWEAQ President's Award winner, John Derbyshire, for the development of a new technical publication for the design and planning of streets to succeed Complete Streets. 

A steering committee was established for the project and subsequently two working groups were also convened for i) Street Planning and ii) Detailed Street Design and Standards.

The LGAQ has been a member of the steering committee for the development of the Street Design Manual since mid-2018 and representatives of some local governments have also had input in the preparation of the content for the consultation draft, through the working group process.

Why is the proposed new Street Design Manual important for local governments?

The Street Design Manual has been drafted to complement the Queensland Government’s proposed Model Code for Neighbourhood Design and other policy initiatives offering technical design criteria for residential streets.

It builds on previous IPWEAQ publications, ‘Queensland Streets’ (1993) and ‘Complete Streets’ (2010) that may be currently referenced in local planning instruments, and also draws material from Economic Development Queensland guidelines and relevant codes.

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