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Have your say on policy to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence

Friday 6 September

The Department of Justice and the Attorney General (DJAG) is seeking comment on the Government's interim response to the independent evaluation of the Tackling Alcohol-Fuelled Violence Policy (TAFV Policy). 

The evaluation outlined promising reductions in some key measures of alcohol-related harm across Queensland and also offered 38 recommendations to further maximise the effectiveness of TAFV Policy. 

The LGAQ will be collating submissions to submit to the Department. Please refer to the following documents, questions and guidelines when providing your response: 

  1. Go here to see a copy of the full evaluation report and interim Government response
  2. Go here to see see a table summarising each of the recommendations along with the corresponding Government interim response (member login only)

Questions to consider: 

• Do you support the Government's interim response to the recommendation? If not, why do you disagree?
• Does the proposed response to the recommendation have any direct impacts for your organisation?
• If so, how will your organisation be affected? Specifically: 

  • Do you anticipate there will be any costs to your organisation resulting from the implementation of the proposed response? 
  • Are there any risks, issues or impacts to your organisation that should be considered in developing or implementing the proposed response? 
  • Are there any potential benefits (including financial benefits) that may be gained by your organisation as a result of implementing the proposed response? 

Please provide your comment to Georgia Stafford, LGAQ Lead for Intergovernmental Relations by September 14. Please contact Member Services if you would like more information. 



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