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Another 400 new employees for local government

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Services agreements have been issued to 64 councils participating in the LGAQ administered First Start traineeships and apprenticeships program. The First Start Program bid process for 2019/2020 resulted in requests for 519 positions being submitted to the LGAQ which exceeded the 400 positions the LGAQ had available for allocation.

Tony Goode, Workforce Strategy Executive who oversees the project advised “unfortunately, it has not been possible to meet all requests for positions and therefore, reductions to some councils' bid requests have had to be made. Naturally, if any council is unable to meet their employment obligations for any reason, we will reallocate the allotment to a council whose bid had to be initially reduced".

The First Start wages subsidy of $15,000 plus GST is a significant incentive supporting councils’ efforts to provide employment and skilling opportunities in their communities. Participants receive a recognised qualification on successful completion of their qualification thereby enhancing their prospects of obtaining employment. “The really good news coming out of the program” said Goode “ is the very high level of retention and secured employment – exceeding well over 80% - of these employees at the conclusion of their traineeships.”

With well over 1300 trainees and apprentices being employed through this program in the last 4 years, the positive employment outcomes stand as a great testimony to the continued success of the First Start Program which forms part of the Queensland Government’s Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative.

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