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All Australian councils need to know about this data

Tuesday, 20th November, 2018

You may have missed this important data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

This month, without ceremony, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released some data that has the potential to transform the way councils plan and advocate.  

Collecting agricultural data is not new for the ABS; data around farming output and value is made available online by the ABS and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries dating back to 2002.  Until recently however, this data was not available according to local government areas.  

In 2017, the Local Government Association of Queensland advocated for the improved coordination in the collection and collation of agricultural data by presenting data in volume/tonnage and dollar value by local government area.  

Why is that important? 

If agricultural data is collected according to local government areas, councils are granted clearer oversight about the state of agriculture in their region. This information can then be used to inform decisions and advocacy around investment in a range of areas whether that be water allocations, road works to improve food transport or to plan for disasters or droughts.  

Kristy Gooding, LGAQ Lead for Natural Assets and Resource Management said the data sets are vital for councils,  

“Both industry and government need appropriate data sets to ensure good decisions are made.

The data that has been released will assist councils with the timing and location of key infrastructure and services as well as more accurately targeting economic assistance policies and having a clearer vision for regional economic development.” 

Which councils does the data apply to?  

The data is applicable to local government areas across the whole of Australia. 

Where can I find it? 

You can find the following data sets on the ABS website.

Value of Agricultural Commodities Produced 

Agricultural Commodities, Australia 

Water Use on Australian Farms

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