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Public Inquiries


The following are public inquiries conducted or commissioned by the LGAQ to understand and demonstrate matters of major significance to Queensland councils and their communities.

Population Policy Inquiry

This Inquiry was aimed at stimulating debate on the need for a Queensland population policy within a national context, and potential benefits from development of such a policy.

Layton Inquiry

Public inquiry on mechanisms to fund Queensland's roads and transport infrastructure. The intent of this inquiry was to provide government decisions makers with a comprehensive range of infrastructure funding alternatives.

National Parks

In response to resolutions at its 1998 and 1999 conferences, and representations from constituent bodies, the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) established this Public Inquiry in January 2000. The Inquiry was chaired by Associate Professor Bob Beeton, Head of the School of Natural and Rural Systems Management, University of Queensland.

Natural Disaster Relief Arrangements

This Inquiry was initiated by the LGAQ in response to concerns expressed by Local Governments about the Federal Government's Natural Disaster Relief Arrangements (NDRA) guidelines.  Council were particularly concerned that the 1996 amendments to the NDRA Guidelines may deny them funding in the future where they have been unable to upgrade capital assets which have previously suffered damage from natural disasters.