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Queensland councils call for more support as "creeping disaster" spreads

The LGAQ is calling on all State and Federal Government leaders to unite to drive a unified approach to water security.

On the Road to a Zero Waste Future: Melbourne 2019

More than 30 delegates toured Victorian businesses incorporating recycled product in their roads

Draft SEQ Koala Conservation Strategy: have your say

The Draft SEQ Koala Conservation Strategy has been released for public consultation. Members are invited to contribute to the LGAQ submission by 24 January, 2019.

Thinking big

Last month, the LGAQ Board signed off a $7 million investment in the Local Buy Next Gen project - a massive down payment on both fraud proofing and achieving greater value for money from the entire council procurement function - worth about $6.5 billion a year.

Our seventh wonder of the world

As you know, here at the LGAQ we have a drought strategy, a water security strategy and today I’d like to talk about our plan for the reef – our 7th wonder of the world and a true Queensland icon.

Reminder: Have your say on possible amendments to telecommunications powers

The LGAQ is currently reviewing the proposed amendments to telecommunication carrier powers and immunities law and welcomes member feedback by 16 December 2019.

Flying fox management code of practice review

The Department of Environment and Science wants to hear from you on the final stages of the review of the codes of practice.

The Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 review

Consultation requested for the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 review

Two weeks left to apply for active community infrastructure funding!

Organisations, including councils, are invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for active community infrastructure projects. Closing date for Round 1 EOIs 6 December 2019.

Queensland Invasive Pests Strategy a Good Start but Funding Vital

We need real outcomes if Queensland’s $20 billion primary production sector is to be effectively supported. Sufficient funding is critical to ensure the ongoing vitality of these industries in our regional communities.

No time to waste to boost recycling funding

The need to manage our own waste and recycling is urgent, but to do this both State and Commonwealth leaders must come to the party.

Change in Federal mindset is a critical step forward in managing drought

The announcement by the Federal Government to provide drought funding to non-farm businesses and more funding for councils in drought-affected regions is a win for communities and councils.

Federal funding increase a win for Queenslands drought-affected communities and councils

The Federal Government’s move to provide drought funding for non-farm businesses and extra funding for councils in drought-affected regions is a huge win for Queensland communities.

$500 million needed for water security in rural communities

The LGAQ welcomes the commitment from all sides of politics to the Bradfield Scheme but says the focus must be on water supply and quality in rural communities, and is calling on state and federal governments to commit to $500 million over five years of dedicated funding.
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