This World Environment Day, it is time for nature

Published: 4th June 2020

As countries and communities celebrate biodiversity and the importance of caring for our environment in 2020, here’s how Queensland councils work to preserve our precious natural assets and manage natural resource and how, with support, they can do more to create local jobs with the environment at their heart.

Working #ForNature

Queensland boasts incredible biodiversity. The state is home to 85% of Australia's native mammals and more than half of the nation's reptiles and frogs.

Councils are the biggest contributor to the management of Queensland’s precious natural resources.

From country to coast, councils work to protect and restore our environment, spending $260 million each year.

A 3000-strong Green Army

Queensland councils are working hard to sustain their 40,000 strong workforce and to keep local economies turning during the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery phase.

They have a plan to keep communities safe and strong and it includes the creation of a 3000-strong Green Army.

The proposed Green Army has the dual benefits of creating more local jobs – as well as supporting beautification and environmental restoration from country to coast, protecting agricultural productivity and boosting tourism.

What do the proposed projects look like?

Queensland councils have submitted more than $246 million worth of projects to the State Government that could contribute to the work of the Green Army.

This includes initiatives to:

  • support the protection of existing livestock and restocking in Western Queensland through Wild Dog Management;
  • protect dunes at locations subject to coastal hazards to protect local communities;
  • restore habitat for threatened and vulnerable species such as koalas, devasted after recent fires; and
  • contribute to improved water quality in the Great Barrier Reef.

Read more in the Battleplan to Protect Local Communities: Local Government’s Response to COVID-19.