LGAQ President calls for end to politically motivated campaign against Redlands councillor

Published: 11th November 2019

The President of the LGAQ, Mayor Mark Jamieson has called on the Member for Capalaba, Don Brown MP, to cease using Parliamentary Privilege to pursue a political agenda against a fellow elected representative, whilst due process runs its course.

Mr Brown has repeatedly made a number of adverse comments in State Parliament directed at Redland City Councillor Paul Gleeson, whilst formal complaints to the Office of Independent Assessor (OIA) are being assessed. 

“This is wrong and smacks of politics, when a State Member can prosecute his case with the benefit of Parliamentary Privilege, whilst an independent investigatory process is underway,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“The councillor complaints system is the legitimate process for having such matters considered and assessed and should be allowed to run its course, without any influence from a State Member.

“The LGAQ fully supports the work of the Independent Assessor, Ms Kathleen Florian, and does not believe it is fair for her and her office to be impacted by the actions of politicians for political purposes. 

“The LGAQ has always been even handed in calling out the behaviour of State Members directed at councillors, having recently called on an LNP Member of Parliament to refrain from using Parliamentary Privilege to level unjustified criticisms at his local mayor.  To the credit of that MP, he did apologise. 

“Mr Brown should cease his Parliamentary commentary and allow the OIA to get on and do its job,” said Mayor Jamieson.