Councils offer solutions to housing crisis

Published: 13th September 2022

Friday’s housing roundtable is a welcome step in the combined efforts of all levels of government, industry and stakeholders to find solutions to the housing crisis.

Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) Chief Executive Officer Alison Smith said councils are acutely aware of the impact the housing crisis is having on local communities across the state and have been working hard to help find and deliver solutions.

“Our members have been urging all levels of government and industry to tackle Queensland’s growing housing crisis," Ms Smith said.

“The roundtable and summit announced by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk today are welcome critical steps in ensuring all levels of government, industry and stakeholders are working together to provide more secure, liveable and available homes.”

“As the Premier said today, catalytic infrastructure funding is key to helping unlock land for development, and councils have a track record of opening up more lots for homes when they are given the tools and funding to do so.”

Ms Smith said the LGAQ would bring to the round table the innovative housing solutions the Premier had asked for to get more people into homes and guaranteeing community liveability and great lifestyle right across Queensland.

The LGAQ released a six-point action plan in February this year, calling for State and Federal Government support to help councils address the housing crisis.

This included support to unlock abandoned, unused and empty properties and a national housing summit.

The full six-point plan:

  1. A National Housing Summit to create a national housing strategy with all levels of government, industry and community groups;
  2. Quadrupling investment in social housing with an extra $4.8 billion over four years;
  3. Extending the First Home Owners’ Grant to existing dwellings, renovations and refurbishment;
  4. Unlocking abandoned, unused and empty properties;
  5. An extra $100 million a year for five years in Closing the Gap funding for Indigenous communities; and
  6. $200 million over four years to help councils develop and implement innovative housing partnerships.

For more information, please contact:
Dan Knowles, Media Advisor