Latest deluge highlights need for Queensland rain gauge network upgrade

Published: 10th May 2022

Latest deluge highlights need for Queensland rain gauge network upgrade

As Queensland communities again prepare for heavy rainfall and flash flooding this week, the association representing the state’s councils has renewed its call for federal action on Queensland’s rain and river gauge network.

Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) CEO Alison Smith said the peak body has made it clear to both the Coalition and Labor parties that the current network is in need of dire upgrades. 

“Queensland councils are again calling on both major parties to commit to a full upgrade of the early flood warning detection network, including extra river height and rainfall stations," Ms Smith said.

“It is imperative that whoever forms government after the election moves swiftly to co-fund upgrades to Queensland’s outdated and unreliable rain and river gauge network.

“The Queensland State Government has already committed to contributing 50 per cent of the funds for the network’s much-needed renewal, as well as half of ongoing costs for its operation and maintenance.

The LGAQ, Bureau of Meteorology and Queensland Reconstruction Authority last year carried out a scoping study that determined a need for 89 additional river height stations and an extra 364 rainfall stations in parts of Queensland where the risk of flooding is most severe.

“The groundwork for this is already done, and we have ensured the LNP and Labor parties are in no doubt as to how unreliable the network currently is,” Ms Smith said.

“Every Queensland community deserves to be a liveable one, and in Australia’s most disaster-prone state that means our communities need to have a safe, reliable flood warning system.

“Don’t leave local communities behind – we want to see the major parties committing to co-funding the modernisation and expansion of this life-saving network.”

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