Queensland councils present united front in race to vaccinate

Published: 25th October 2021

MAYORS from across Queensland have joined with the State Government to present a united front in the race to ensure their communities are vaccinated so they can stay safe when the borders begin to reopen from November 19. 

Deputy Premier and Minister for Local Government Steven Miles today stood with mayors from all corners of the state to urge Queenslanders who are yet to get vaccinated to roll up their sleeves.  

“The mayors and I have gathered here today because we are all in this together and we are united in our call for Queenslanders to get vaccinated,” Deputy Premier Miles said. 

“This virus has already proven that it does not respect borders, be they national or international.  

“It will arrive in Queensland as travel restrictions begin to ease and it will not discriminate between communities.

“We need to keep each other safe. The only way to do that is to get vaccinated.”

The mayors and Deputy Premier are in Mackay to attend the Local Government Association of Queensland’s (LGAQ) 125th Annual Conference. 

LGAQ President, Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson, said councils across Queensland were doing whatever they could to encourage their communities to vaccinate, including busting the myths about the vaccine.

“The vaccine is safe and it is our best line of defence against COVID-19,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“The last 18 months have been incredibly tough on everyone. Families have been separated, businesses have been tested and Queenslanders have lost jobs.

“Queensland now has a road map to reopen. In order to ensure everyone stays safe, we need you to visit your doctor, the local vaccination centre or the local pharmacy and get vaccinated.”

Mackay Mayor Greg Williamson said it was fitting that mayors from across Queensland, in town for the LGAQ conference, could unite as one voice to push the vaccination message.

He said COVID would not discriminate and vaccination was the best way of protecting Queensland residents.

“All of Queensland is in this together and we are counting down to when borders reopen and COVID will arrive in our communities.

“The message from Queensland mayors is simple: Vaccination is the best means of protecting you and your loved ones.”

Torres Shire Mayor Vonda Malone urged her community to follow the health advice.

“This virus is serious. If you won’t do it for yourself, then vaccinate for your Elders and family.”

Lockhart River Mayor Wayne Butcher said vaccination was the only way to keep communities safe.

“The vaccine is safe, it’s painless and it will save your life as well as the lives of your family,” he said.

“COVID-19 will make it to our community eventually. The more people in the community that vaccinate, the safer our community will be."

Rockhampton Region Mayor Tony Williams said central Queenslanders were used to getting ready for natural disasters.

“Right now we need you to get ready for the border reopening. The only way to do that is to make sure you are fully vaccinated.” 

For more information, please contact:

Sarah Vogler, External Relations Director
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