Federal focus with a local lens

Published: 11th October 2021

By Leah Steinberg, LGAQ Campaign Planner

The LGAQ’s sights are firmly set on the 2021/22 Federal Election as we work in partnership with member councils and our national body, the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) to secure a fair share of Commonwealth funding to meet community needs.

This election will be held against a stark COVID-19 backdrop with vaccination rates and the ongoing economic recovery taking centre stage in the campaign.

It will be battle over who is best-placed to lead the economic and health recovery and to set the country up for a better future.

It is also shaping up to be the last big campaign before the next Federal Government is forced to focus on restoring its budgets to surplus.

Therefore, it is a crucial time for Queensland’s councils to take up the opportunity to firmly anchor local issues onto the national agenda.

Amid the current political climate, with Australia still responding to and recovering from the health, social and economic impacts of COVID-19, this election provides the perfect opportunity for councils to again demonstrate how they are best-placed to ensure local communities are not left behind.

What local issues should Queensland councils take to the national stage?

Enormous strength can be found in numbers and that is why LGAQ’s federal advocacy campaign is designed to complement ALGA’s Federal Election campaign, centring on the following themes:

  • Economic recovery
  • Transport and infrastructure
  • Building resilience
  • Circular economy
  • Intergovernmental relations

There is nothing quite like singing from the same song sheet to ensure the message reaches those who need to hear it. However, we also know Queensland is different. That is why we are creating our very own campaign, fit for a Queen(sland).

Vote for local—with a federal twist

The LGAQ is preparing to champion our unique issues, advocate for councils and call on Federal MPs to step up to the challenge.

The LGAQ will be calling Queensland Federal MPs to task and unashamedly publishing how political parties respond to your local priorities and community issues.

We will also be assisting members to showcase why each Queensland community is uniquely different. Our campaign strategy for Queensland will provide the roadmap and drumbeats to engage with Federal MPs on local and national issues. With careful planning and good, old-fashioned storytelling, the LGAQ wants Queensland’s councils to take up the opportunity to show why we are different and most definitely shouldn’t be left behind.

The LGAQ’s External Relations and Media Team will ensure Queensland’s local priorities are amplified through our traditional and social media channels.

Queensland’s Federal Election priorities

  • Sustaining local jobs
  • Strengthening our regions
  • Keeping communities safe
  • Supporting rural and remote communities
  • Advancing First Nations councils
  • Protecting the environment

The Vote for Local website will host up-to-date information on how Queensland’s Federal MPs and the major political parties are tracking on our local priorities.

The goal is to keep future candidates and parties accountable, by using report cards, scored from a local champion A+ through to an F on key issues impacting Queensland communities.

The Advocacy team is currently developing Vote for Local collateral to amplify our federally focussed campaign including a toolkit for mayors and CEOs on how to engage with your local Federal MP, as well as factsheets and report cards for Federal MPs and political parties.

Their level of commitment will be detailed and ranked on the LGAQ’s Vote for Local website (similar to our previous state-based Vote for Local campaign.) Stay tuned for more Federal Election campaign information, via our member portal, Congruent.