Don’t forget to have your say on stock route reform

Published: 13th August 2021

Folks, we have been talking about some really big issues affecting local government and today I want to focus on stock routes.

Just a few weeks remain before submissions close on the Queensland Government’s proposed changes to the management of the state’s stock routes.

This issue is a critical one for about one third of the state’s councils with 72,000 kilometres of Queensland roads are declared as stock routes.

The network is more than 150 years old and as we know it is a fundamentally important asset for Queensland’s pastoral industries, moving mobs of cattle around the state, particularly in drought time.

Local government has responsibility for managing those stock routes. Councils do that in partnership with their neighbouring councils. Often times these stock can move anywhere up to 1000 kilometres. 

This is an important issue for local government, we have been left wanting for a long time.

Ever since I have been at the LGAQ we have been fighting for a better deal for councils so make sure you get your submissions in. Make sure local government has its say by 3 September.

Your Association will be making a submission as well.

Councils just want a fair and equitable system that ensures the stock route network is maintained to a good standard without placing an unfair burden on ratepayers.

This latest discussion paper represents just the first stage of the reforms and we look forward to working with the state’s stock route working group to progress further reforms into the future.

Now is the time to get on with it and get it fixed once and for all. This is a good chance to finally get some 21stcentury reforms to ensure this asset continues to deliver for the state and one of its most important industries into the future.

Policy executive met virtually

Of course, folks, we finish this week with a meeting of the Policy Executive when your chosen representatives, all 16 of them, get together.

 This was a virtual meeting because of COVID but it was a really important one and some very important issues such as council financial sustainability and housing were discussed.

The minutes will be available soon on Congruent.