Breaking news: LGAQ's complaint regarding CCC's handling of the former Logan councillors made public

Published: 2nd June 2021

Breaking news

The Local Government Association of Queensland’s (LGAQ) complaint regarding the Crime and Corruption Commission’s handling of the now failed fraud case against the former Logan councillors has been made public.

The Parliamentary Crime and Corruption Committee (PCCC) has published a redacted version of the submission on its website. Members can read the complaint here

The PCCC has also published the terms of reference for its public inquiry into the matter here.

This inquiry was called following the PCCC’s consideration of the LGAQ’s complaint.

Given the confidentiality provisions surrounding correspondence with the PCCC, the LGAQ was unable to publicly reveal the complaint until the committee had determined to make it public.

The PCCC has resolved to produce a final report on its inquiry by November 30.

The LGAQ has been steadfast in its call for an inquiry to be held into this matter.

We will continue to keep you updated.