Celebrating Child Protection Week – Kowanyama Style

Published: 6th October 2020

Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council celebrated Queensland Child Protection Week on 11 September at Kowanyama State School, embracing this year’s theme of ‘Putting Children First’. 

Child Protection Week is a national event, designed to focus attention on child protection being everyone’s business and ensuring that across Queensland, communities take responsibility for children being protected and experiencing well-being.

The Community Services Unit’s Women’s Services Coordinator and member of the Local Government Association of Queensland Community of Interest Domestic and Family Violence Network, Ani Seruvatu, spoke at the school’s assembly about the importance of the month and how Child Protection Week is celebrated throughout Queensland. 

Ani expressed to the children the importance of respect; respect for others, respect for themselves, respect for their country and respect for their language, culture and sea. 

“These children hold the key for their upcoming generations to come. With respect, you will always remain culture strong, language strong and community strong,” Ani said.

Executive Manager Community Services, Mr Kevin Bell said, “our children are our future and we must continue to put them first.”

Kevin and the community services staff of the Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council hosted a BBQ at the local Kowanyama swimming pool for the children of Kowanyama, to help celebrate the week.

Child Protection Week - Mr Kevin Bell

Mr Kevin Bell, Executive Manager Community Services and the children celebrating Queensland Child Protection Week in deadly style.

Councillor Jacob Josiah and the children of Kowanyama.

Councillor Jacob Josiah and the children of Kowanyama.