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Councils welcome new integrity guidelines

Monday, 4 February 2019

New guidelines on managing conflicts of interest in local government will help provide councillors with a clearer picture on what is expected of them in the wake of the Belcarra integrity reforms.

Local Government Association of Queensland President and Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson welcomed the guidelines issued by Integrity Commissioner Nikola Stepanov and Independent Assessor Kathleen Florian.

Mayor Jamieson said he was confident that all councillors wanted to make sure they met the community’s expectations in regard to accountability, integrity and transparency.
“These guidelines are aimed at helping councillors make good decisions on behalf of their local communities,” he said. 

“Everyone in local government will appreciate this effort to show in clear and precise terms how councillors should manage material personal interests, conflicts of interest and other matters relating to the conduct of council business.”

“This framework is a good start and further encourages councillors to be assiduous in ensuring they conduct themselves in the manner their communities expect.”

The guidelines were developed in consultation with the LGAQ.

View the guidelines

Read the release from the OIA

Visit the website.


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