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Councils back comprehensive policies on drought

Wednesday, 31st October, 2018

Queensland councils have vowed to push for a co-ordinated approach to tackling the impact of drought on regional communities.

Delegates to the Local Government Association of Queensland’s annual conference in Brisbane resolved that the LGAQ deliver a formal motion to the State and Federal governments to adopt a bipartisan, co-ordinated and whole-of-government response to the impacts of ongoing drought in Queensland communities.

Drought and the policy responses to it dominate the list of LGAQ annual conference motions this year, making it plain that the impacts on regional and rural Queensland are profound, long lasting and now central to the challenge member councils have in serving their communities.

LGAQ president Mark Jamieson said drought had become a priority policy issue for all levels of government.
“However, it is local government that has the most knowledge and experience of its impact on local communities and, therefore, local government with the insight to identify what is lacking in existing policy responses to drought,” he said.

“It is time all levels of government took a more strategic view of what is and is likely to remain, the fiercest challenge that regional communities across Australia face.”


Local Government Association of Queensland
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