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Qld councils reject proposed levy on household waste

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Friday, 1 June 2018

The Local Government Association of Queensland rejects State Government plans to apply a waste levy on all domestic or household waste.
Today the Government released a directions paper for 'Transforming Queensland’s Recycling and Waste Industry' in which it outlines the future roadmap for management of waste and recycling in Queensland.
The LGAQ supports a levy on commercial, industrial, construction and demolition waste and also welcomes measures to better protect the environment, through improved recycling and less waste to landfill, CEO, Greg Hallam AM said.
But Mr Hallam warned the State Government is not being upfront about the household waste rebate.
“In its own document, the Government has indicated it can review the proposed 105% rebate to councils for household waste anytime in the future, which gives no certainty to ratepayers who will bear the financial burden,” Mr Hallam said.
Another grave concern for local government is the lack of commitment to ensure the levy is returned to where it’s needed most.
Mr Hallam said this means the majority of the waste levy revenue could be syphoned into State Treasury, as it has in other states, instead of supporting a circular waste economy, and the much-needed development of Queensland’s recycling industry and zero waste to landfill initiatives.”
This matter will be front and centre of debate at next week’s Local Government Waste Forum, being hosted by the LGAQ in Brisbane.
Representatives from more than 30 Queensland councils, including mayors, councillors, and CEOs will be discussing the waste levy, and world class initiatives in waste to energy technology.
Recently, the LGAQ’s Policy Executive, representing all of Queensland’s 77 councils, committed to a zero waste to landfill strategy by the year 2028.
“We want to ensure Queensland is a global leader in creating a circular economy for waste management that will be good for our children, our children’s children, and generations to come,” Mr Hallam said.

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