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LGAQ welcomes major boost to Queensland's disaster fund

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Friday 25 May, 2018

The Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) has applauded the State Government's announcement this week to commit $38 million to strengthen communities' disaster resilience.

LGAQ CEO, Greg Hallam AM, said Queensland councils have welcomed the Disaster Resilience Fund ahead of next month’s State Budget.

“This is part of our local government budget submission and we are pleased the government has recognised the importance of upfront investment to help better protect communities,” Mr Hallam said.

“Councils are at the forefront of disasters when they strike, and in mobilising the often difficult and lengthy recovery efforts.”

Mr Hallam said this commitment will go towards initiatives including: more protection for existing infrastructure; stronger future infrastructure and supporting communities to understand how they can be more resilient.

The LGAQ echoes the State Government’s call for the Federal Government to show a commitment to continuing the Natural Disaster Resilience Program, and to match dollar for dollar the State’s new Disaster Resilience Fund.

For more than half a decade, the LGAQ has called on the Federal Government to provide mitigation and betterment funding to ensure Queensland communities are more resilient.

“Hefty investment by all tiers of government is critical to helping our communities better prepare and recover from natural disasters. Queensland is Australia’s most vulnerable state to extreme weather. Before the next storm season strikes, it is time to work collaboratively,” Mr Hallam said.

The LGAQ looks forward to the State Government delivering its budget next month, in anticipation that much needed money will ideally be channelled into areas including: commitment to grant reform by mid 2019; baseline funding of $500m; first 5 forever; waste solutions for indigenous communities and climate change and coastal hazard planning. 

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LGAQ Acting Media Executive
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