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Hundreds of jobs will be scrapped without indigenous housing funds

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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander councils are calling on the Federal Government to pledge funding to build houses in their communities, when it hands down its budget next week.

Local Government Association of Queensland, CEO, Greg Hallam AM said councils are frustrated with the Federal and State Government’s failure to reach agreement on funding for housing construction.

“This political argy-bargy has to stop,” he said.

“Building and maintenance workers in these communities are facing an uncertain future after the current funding expires on June 30. More than 400 local jobs alone are on the line, including 100 apprenticeships.”

Mr Hallam said the good work which has already been done in Queensland is not being recognised, and the additional houses that are required to stop overcrowding need a clear funding commitment.

“The Commonwealth Government’s own independent review into the issue has recommended long-term Federal support,” Mr Hallam said.

“We keep being told negotiations between the State and Federal governments are ongoing.”

Councils are in the process of preparing their budgets and need certainty around the future of this funding.

The Federal Government recently announced an investment of more than $500 million over 5 years for the Northern Territory. Queensland councils are seeking a similar long-term investment strategy.

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