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Election 2017: Solid response from all parties to local government wishlist

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Tuesday, 22 November 2017

Local councils are part of the economic lifeblood of the state

Major and minor political parties contesting the 25 November state election have recognised the importance of ensuring Queensland’s local councils have access to proper funding for regional roads, bridges and other infrastructure to build better communities.

The parties’ responses to the Local Government Association of Queensland’s 10 Point Election Plan have also shown a good understanding of the role councils play in driving regional economic growth.

LGAQ chief executive Greg Hallam said while it was disappointing the parties failed to support all of the policy priorities the Association put forward, their responses showed a healthy respect for local councils as a sphere of government in their own right.

“Queensland’s 77 local councils now have a clear idea of where each party stands in relation to supporting them to get on with the job of serving their communities,’’ Mr Hallam said.

“Both Labor and the LNP have committed to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in local infrastructure if they win the election because they understand these projects drive jobs growth and regional economies.”

“We welcome that support while remaining committed to our view that what councils ultimately need is at least $500 million a year in baseline funding for infrastructure so that local communities are able to have decent road and transport networks, affordable water services, sustainable businesses and a healthy environment.’’

He said that whoever was in a position to form government after 25 November needed to work with local councils in true partnership if Queensland was to realise its full potential.

“Local councils are part of the economic lifeblood of the state, employing 40,000 people and responsible for $108 billion in community infrastructure,’’ he said.

“The next state government needs to appreciate that this amounts to real jobs and real economic benefit for local communities.”

“We congratulate all parties, including the minor parties, on showing how they would support local councils in government and look forward to working with them on our key policy priorities.

SEE the parties’ detailed responses to the LGAQ’s 10 Point Election Plan.

Local Government Association of Queensland
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