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Council driven connectivity solutions a winner

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Saturday, 11 November, 2017

Council driven connectivity solutions a winner

Labour’s promise to invest in an international broadband submarine cable project if it wins government on 25 November is a positive step for councils pushing for regional choice and better digital connectivity in Queensland.

LGAQ CEO Greg Hallam said the announcement, which would see Labour invest in a $15 million Sunshine Coast Council proposal for an undersea cable was a welcome move towards empowering councils to seek better connections for their communities.

“Smart and creative solutions like these are what local governments are pushing for to better connect their regions to global marketplaces,” he said.

“We welcome any support for council proposed initiatives that provide telecommunications diversity and stimulate local business and investment.”

A recently completed feasibility study has estimated the proposed submarine cable on the Sunshine Coast would create 864 full-time jobs each year and provide a potential economic boost of $927 million to Queensland.

Mr Hallam said that developing digital strategies for councils and regions to take better advantage of, and navigate, the digital economy was an important priority for councils in the upcoming State election.

Read the LGAQ’s 10 point State Election Plan here.

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