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LNP’s road and bridge programs highlight importance of regions

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Generating jobs and keeping regional economies competitive

The LNP’s pledge to spend $140 million on a series of road and bridge infrastructure projects in regional Queensland highlights the importance of maintaining local jobs in areas where they can make the most impact on the local economy.

Local Government Association of Queensland chief executive Greg Hallam said the LNP’s promise to invest $60 million on upgrading major beef roads and $80 million on a range of bridge projects if it won government on 25 November was welcome news for regional Queensland.

He said State support for roads and other building projects was vital as improving infrastructure served two purposes, as a jobs generator and as a means of keeping regional economies competitive into the future.

'That is why our 10 Point State Election Plan contains proposals such as the continuation of the Western Roads Program and a minimum of $80 million a year for the Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme,' he said.

'Improved bridges are particularly important to increase freight productivity and Queensland councils are leading the charge nationally in working with industry to improve access to local roads infrastructure.'

READ the LGAQ’s 10 Point Election Plan

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