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Statement by LGAQ President Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson

The LNP’s attack on the highly successful Works for Queensland program is as disappointing as it is unwarranted.

The LGAQ on behalf of member councils originally proposed the program and worked on the detail with the Palaszczuk Government over several months.

There are hundreds of projects across the state under the Works for Queensland banner delivering real benefits to the community in terms of jobs and infrastructure.

Councils constantly remind me of its success. The Works for Queensland formula puts councils in the driver’s seat to deliver cost effective, value for money projects.

We deliver far more bang for the buck than other levels of government.

That is why we want all parties to commit to applying a similar formula to other state government grants and subsidies to councils, specifically baseline funding of at least $500 million a year to enable greater certainty and long-term planning for councils to better manage their assets and revenue forecasts.

Such a formula is vital, no matter what the program is called.

I explain the need for funding reform in this video clip

It is the major priority item contained in our 10 Point Election Policy Plan:


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