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New dams a welcome commitment to secure water supplies

The LNP’s commitment to invest more than $1.3 billion in new dam infrastructure if it wins government on 25 November is welcome news for local councils wanting more attention from the State on water security in regional Queensland.

LNP Leader Tim Nicholls has pledged to build the Urannah Dam, Nullinga Dam and Rookwood Weir and to raise the Burdekin Falls Dam, all projects that local communities have been pushing for several years.

Local Government Association of Queensland chief executive Greg Hallam said security of water supply and solid water infrastructure was crucial to ensuring regional communities were financially sustainable.

“No matter what industry you’re talking about _ agriculture, mining or tourism _ water is key to economic prosperity in the regions,’’ he said.

“The LNP deserves praise for working to solve what is one of the most pressing economic issues in the bush.’’

He said the LGAQ looked forward to securing the commitment of all parties to more real and sustainable support for new and existing water infrastructure, specifically a dedicated $200 million co-investment program to ensure the security of supply of drinking water and sustainable sewerage services in rural and regional communities.

The package is a key component of the LGAQ’s 10 Point Election Policy Plan, which can be accessed at here.




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