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Bush Councils Convention takes on ‘The World’ stage

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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Bush Councils Convention takes on ‘The World' stage

Connectivity will drive the agenda for the third Bush Councils Convention, set to attract more than 100 government, industry and academic delegates to Charters Towers this month.

Hosted in the historic World Theatre from 9-11 August, the annual event is an opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing Queensland’s rural and remote communities. 

LGAQ President Mayor Mark Jamieson said connectivity, in all its forms, was at the heart of transforming Queensland communities, particularly in the bush.

'Councils play a key role in engendering more connected communities – irrespective of whether they are in rural areas or our major urban population centres,' Mayor Jamieson said. 

'The opportunities to drive better connectivity - whether it be road, air, rail, commercial, social or digital – are critical to the future prosperity of all communities and are a particular priority for many of our councils in rural and remote areas.

'We’re delighted to welcome Patrice Brown, Telstra Business Women’s Queensland Entrepreneur 2016 as our keynote speaker, focusing on how disruption, creativity, innovation and communication can come together with science and business to empower communities.

'Delegates will also be treated to a technical field trip showcasing the amazing history and emerging potential of the old and new Charters Towers – one of Queensland’s founding cities.'

Notable speakers include Dr Leonie Pearson, Leader of Major Research Projects from the Regional Australia Institute; and Virginia Greville, Chief Executive Officer of Trade and Investment Queensland.

Sessions will cover topics spanning from regional economic transition to trade and investment, innovation, tourism, water supply regulation and asset management.

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