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New! Flash Flood Advisory Resource: FLARE

Friday, 21 July 2017

Community of practice for councils and agencies responsible for flash flood warning

In Australia, flash floods are generally defined as those floods that occur within six hours of rain, and are characterised by rapid rises in water levels.

Due to the short lead times associated with flash flood, quick and effective response is required at local level. For this reason, the responsibility for local flash flood warning sits with state and territory agencies in partnership with local councils (where appropriate).

The Flash Flood Advisory Resource (FLARE) is an authoritative resource created to assist agencies with flash flood warning responsibilities – including local councils, emergency services and other state and territory government agencies – to design, implement and manage fit-for-purpose flash flood warning systems.

FLARE's goal is to create a community of practice to share valuable knowledge and experience between agencies responsible for flash flood warning.

NOTE: FLARE does not provide a flash flood warning or an operational service during flash flood events.

Co-ordinated by the Bureau, FLARE includes a registered user website with a wide range of resources such case studies, interactive forums, and standards and guidelines, as well as a telephone/email advisory service for agency staff to be able to access Bureau advice directly.

SEE the information sheet for more and email to register your interest in access to FLARE.

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