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How old are your buried water and sewerage pipes? We want to know!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Request for Council Pipe Assets Data: QLD water and sewerage pipe infrastructure

We are seeking councils' help in capturing information for our research and advocacy work

Water and sewerage providers in Queensland are facing a potentially major infrastructure issue in the coming years with assets constructed after WW2 reaching the end of their useful lives. The infrastructure cliff is highly topical with interest from various state agencies. 

The LGAQ and qldwater are undertaking research through the Queensland Water Regional Alliance Program to collate and analyse existing asset information and data (and identify gaps) with a focus on buried infrastructure.

Designed to undertake a high-level assessment of the scale and timing of the infrastructure deficit, the data will inform modelling to examine the issue across regional Queensland, supporting future advocacy and planning efforts.

The provided data template contains fields we are seeking council help to complete.

It would be greatly appreciated if councils could arrange for the completion of the template by Friday 21st July, along with contact details for any follow-up questions.

Examples are included to provide guidance on populating the spreadsheet. (Notes for the data are included in a comment on the heading of the data field or in the sheet 'Notes for Data Fields'),

  • orange headings are first priority pieces of information
  • the remaining headings highlighted in blue relate to data which would be very beneficial to the research but not essential.

Your council may already have this information stored in asset registers or GIS systems, and we hope is easily accessible. If not, we would appreciate any feedback you can provide.

Is council using degradation curves or conditional assessments? If so, can you please include tables and definitions in notes so we can interpret the data correctly. NOTE: members are welcome to send a copy of the relevant data directly from your asset registers or other systems.

Please contact Ryan Cosgrove 07 3632 6852 or Arron Hieatt 1300 542 700 with any problems, concerns or requests for further advice. 

Local Government Association of Queensland
LG House, 25 Evelyn Street, Newstead Qld 4006


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