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Tap into ROCs to strengthen regional communities: LGAQ

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Friday, 4 November 2016

Tap into ROCs to strengthen regional communities: LGAQ

Greater cooperation between the Federal Government and Regional Organisations of Councils (ROCs) would be more productive than continuing the Regional Development Australia (RDA) model, the LGAQ says.

In a submission to a review of the effectiveness of RDA committees, the LGAQ called for the Commonwealth to make better use of established council networks in the quest to strengthen regions.

“The LGAQ strongly supports the Federal Government’s ambition of a close partnership between Australia’s three levels of government, aimed at fostering economic development in Australia’s regions,” the submission stated.

“We believe that a stronger partnership can be achieved by building closer links between Queensland’s ROCs and the Federal Government.”

Queensland already has nine ROCs plus a number of Regional Roads and Transport Groups (RRTGs) and Queensland Water Regional Alliance Program (QWRAP) groups, all of which were effective, the LGAQ said.

“Given that Queensland local councils have established a range of organisations to deal with regional development issues, it is difficult to see a distinctive role for RDA committees,” the submission stated.

RDA committees also duplicate existing planning initiatives, consumes funding that could be used elsewhere, creates confusion over priorities and are insufficiently resourced to be effective.

“Given the already strong relationship that exists between the LGAQ, ROCs and the Queensland Government, the LGAQ would like the opportunity to explore this model – or other models involving the ROCs – for achieving closer cooperation between the Federal Government and Queensland’s regions,” the submission proposed.


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