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Queensland councils to benefit from Blockie win

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Friday, 26 July 2019

Queensland councils are well and truly in the box seat to make the most of cutting edge Blockchain technology after winning a prestigious industry award. 

The Local Government Association of Queensland’s (LGAQ) Blockchain project partner, emerging technology enterprise Everledger, won the Government Project of the Year prize at the inaugural Blockchain Industry Awards, held this week in Sydney. 

LGAQ chief executive Greg Hallam said the award is fitting recognition for work that stands to deliver tremendous advantages to the Association’s member councils and their communities. 

“We set out, really, to examine the ways Blockchain might be used to benefit Queensland’s councils. 

“We found that a number of councils’ day-to-day activities, such as procurement and administration, can be very substantially streamlined through the use of Blockchain. 

“The project showed councils able to do more with less, but with uncompromised compliance and strengthened probity." 

Blockchain is an innovative method of storing and using information in the form of ‘distributed ledger’ technology, allowing organisations and people that do not know one another to transact with full confidence in the integrity and security of their shared data. 

“The next step for us is to see how far across our 77-member network the technology can be applied,” Mr Hallam said. 

“Given that every council expends a lot of effort in procurement, insurance and compliance, you’d think it can be widely applied – and well ahead of our interstate counterparts.” 

The ‘Blockies’, as the awards are known, are an initiative of the Australian Digital Commerce Association and Blockchain Australia. 


For more information: Craig Johnstone, Media Executive LGAQ – 0487 007 870 


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