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The responses of the major parties to the LGAQ’s 10 Point Election Policy Plan was the major focus of attention for a key local government reference and advisory group meeting in Brisbane this week.

The Regional and Economic Development Advisory Group (REDAG) discussed the future of the Queensland Plan as well as strategies for encouraging investment in tourism attraction and telecommunications.

Chaired by Fraser Coast Mayor Gerard O’Connell, the REDAG group is one of 12 advisory groups representing 51 councils across Queensland, all of which help contribute to the LGAQ’s policy direction.

The REDAG group meeting followed a meeting last week of the Water and Sewerage Advisory Group, chaired by Mackay Regional Councillor Frank Gilbert, which discussed water security, pricing and the future of the Queensland Water Regional Alliance program.

In coming weeks, the LGAQ’s Roads and Transport Advisory Group and Resource Communities Advisory Group, will also meet to discuss key policy proposals to present to the incoming government.

Advocacy and representation is a core focus of the LGAQ so it is vital the Association engages directly with councils to ensure policy proposals are well grounded; of relevance to councils; and ultimately address their needs.

Never is this more important than when shaping and seeking to influence a newly elected State Government – a situation the Association currently finds itself in.

Importantly, the meetings gave all participants an opportunity to provide direct feedback to the LGAQ on current issues for councils and suggestions for targeting key policy proposals with a new State Government.

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