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Legislation amendment a win for councils

LGAQ members will no doubt be aware that the Local Government Discipline and Remuneration Tribunal has placed all councils in Category 3 or above in regards to remuneration.  But an unintended consequence of the decision was that it obliged small councils to establish an audit committee.  

While most councils were comfortable with the requirement, many wanted the audit’s committee’s composition to be refined to take into account the limited resources available in rural and regional councils. The LGAQ wrote to the Government lobbying for a solution and President Margaret de Wit also raised the issue at a meeting with Local Government Minister David Crisafulli in April.

In a win for councils, the Government has agreed to amend the relevant legislation to change audit committee requirements to better suit the circumstances of small councils. Thanks to all members who provided expert feedback the help the LGAQ win this policy change. 

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