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The snap 2015 Queensland election has caused local councils across the state to get out of the blocks early in putting forward their views on what a new government should have as policy priorities over the next three years.  The LGAQ’s 10 Point Policy Plan has served as something of a template for some councils, whose election wish lists include local projects which would fit into the Association’s proposal for a hefty reinvestment in local infrastructure across the state.

Past experience has shown that those councils that take the time to develop policy and investment plans to take to new governments are likely to gain at least some success, particularly if they are fortunate enough to be located in marginal electorates.

The Bundaberg Regional Council wants all parties contesting the 31 January Queensland election to commit to funding important local infrastructure projects such as the Multiplex community facility, the Rubyanna Waste Water Treatment Plant and flood mitigation measures.

Central Highlands Regional Council has identified flood mitigation projects, support to build the Blackwater Aquatic Centre, assistance to implement sport and recreation master plans and significant roads projects in the plan.

Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jameson is seeking policy commitments on these issues: no more boundary changes; preservation of the regional inter-urban break; Beerwah East as the preferred identified growth area; a fair outcome on the Caloundra South infrastructure agreements; and approval of the Sunshine Coast Airport Environmental Impact Statement and support for Council’s proposed financing strategy

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