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The first of January not only marked the start of a new year, but also the birth of new telecommunication networks with both Telstra and Optus switching on their new 700mhz mobile phone networks aimed at improving communication options for many areas of Queensland.

The 700mhz frequency allows faster network speeds and larger geographic footprints, which potentially could provide significant benefits for coastal and regional councils and the communities they serve.

Importantly, the frequency also has the capability to punch through walls, thus allowing better in-building coverage for homes, offices, lifts and underground carparks.

Download speeds on the new network will be up to 100Mbs.

Both carriers are rolling out the network with Telstra announcing that the services would be initially switched on to 600 towns and suburbs throughout the country while Optus announced it would initially roll out 270 sites.

Telstra has announced Brisbane, regional centres and towns such as Home Hill, Tieri, Gympie, Gladstone, Mt Isa and Rockhampton will be amongst the first in Queensland to receive the new services.

Most new handsets are compatible including the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Sony Xperia Z3.

LGAQ innovation Executive Lou Boyle said improving network speeds was important as it underpinned new business models for councils  


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