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The show must go on

Councils across Queensland are keeping on keeping on amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and continue to deliver essential services.

Councils look to the State to sustain their 40,000-strong workforce

Prime Minister Scott Morrison decides to exclude local government from the Commonwealth’s JobKeeper program.

Why councils matter in the battle against COVID-19

CEO Greg Hallam's economic update explains why COVID-19 might present a once in a generational boost to the betterment of Queensland communities and the things that matter to them.

Advocating in unprecedented times

The COVID-19 virus continues to wreak havoc across the globe and our elections were not immune.

Local jobs a priority, councils call for job security stimulus

Urgent roll-out of economic stimulus to local government is needed so new and returning mayors can start mitigating the local effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Voters back stability in historic election

Thank you Queensland voters for turning out for the 2020 local government elections

Councils call for stimulus to protect local communities

The focus now must equally turn to the economy and providing stimulus to both protect and create jobs and to help mitigate the impacts of this evolving pandemic.

Councils call for Federal stimulus to protect jobs and communities across Queensland

Queensland councils are calling on the Commonwealth to inject an additional $2 billion in well-targeted economic stimulus into communities

Managing the impact of COVID-19 on Cape York and Torres Strait Communities

The Torres Cape Indigenous Council Alliance (TCICA) yesterday discussed a regional response to the threat of COVID-19 on communities across Cape York and the Torres Strait.
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