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Microsoft and LGAQ innovation

Microsoft asks LGAQ to discuss its latest innovation

You know you have a boast worthy product when Microsoft invites you to speak about it.

Microsoft recently invited LGAQ to present at their annual Asia-Pacific Analyst Summit in Singapore to discuss the innovative connection between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, being rolled out for the LGAQ.

LGAQ project lead and manager of internal business development Jake Boyle, said the initiative transpired when LGAQ examined its need to keep an accessible and comprehensive archive of information related to issues or projects, to make it faster and easier to provide advice to councils.

'Additionally, LGAQ needed more information to evaluate its relationship with members,' Mr Boyle said.

'OBS partnered with us to provide an innovative solution that matched our business requirements, which uses Microsoft SharePoint 2013, CRM Online and Azure.

'The new system gives LGAQ a comprehensive view of members and their interactions, so it can manage those relationships more proactively. It also lets them offer solutions to key issues faster and in a more structured way, leading to better results for members and their constituents,' Mr Boyle said.

The rise in adoption of CRM products in local government places LGAQ alongside many councils in progressing their knowledge of relationships and information.

LGAQ CEO Greg Hallam said the organisation previously found it impossible to adequately track member interactions due to a CRM system with limited functionality.

'It was also difficult to access information because the existing document management solution was too complex and cumbersome for staff to use,' Mr Hallam said.

'LGAQ need to give mobile and office-bound employees access to a CRM system that tracks LGAQ’s engagement with members. We need to maintain a fast, searchable archive of topic-related information, accessible to employees regardless of their location,' he said.

Mr Boyle said Native SharePoint functionality gives LGAQ the records management capability it needs without having to deploy additional, unnecessary software just to meet compliance standards.

'The solution is also strategically important because it lets us understand our relationships and trends within relationships, identify hot topics and commonalities between members, and therefore be more proactive in how we service our members’ needs,' Mr Boyle said.

'We can deal with issues before they become problems,' he said.