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Microsoft asks LGAQ to discuss its latest innovation

You know you have a boast worthy product when Microsoft invites you to speak about it.

Microsoft recently invited LGAQ to present at their annual Asia-Pacific Analyst Summit in Singapore to discuss the innovative connection between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, being rolled out for the LGAQ.

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Want to be mayor? Be a facilitator

For someone who is one of the most enduring leaders in Queensland local government, Scenic Rim Mayor John Brent has a blunt and simple response to questions about the role of a council and its mayor. 'We are just a service provider and I happen to be the boss of that service provider,' he said.

'Councils should be all about facilitating outcomes.'

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Torres Shire mayor global thinker, local actor

Queensland's most northern local government authority, the Shire of Torres, forms one of the most distinctive councils in the country. The only Australian local government which abuts an international border, this remote and beautiful region comes with a unique set of governance issues, which in turn require unique leadership. It's no coincidence that the Shire has only had one Mayor.

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Queensland's newest mayors set priorities for 2014

Inducted into local government leadership at a time when tighter funding constraints on councils has many looking towards shared services and innovative forms of technology in order to provide cost-effective service delivery, Queensland's four newest mayors have listed open communication, ‘new' media and entrepreneurial leadership as the key to building all-new organisations.

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