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Weather outlooks for the coming season

The Bureau of Meteorology outlook reports are important information to enable us and our LDMGs to be best positioned and to think ahead about the more likely situation we will be facing – not just today, or next week! Cyclone, Rainfall and the 3-month outlooks should be on our reading lists - as well as the Weekly Note – if we are staying up to date

Rainfall On-set Outlook : Is now available. Some parts of the north of Australia are more likely to have an early onset rainfall – and for much of the South West of Queensland this is showing some promising chances of some much needed rain. But inevitably it may also mean some other issues!

Seasonal Cyclone Outlook: This important Outlook will be released on this morning 12 October – PLEASE put a reminder in your diary to have a look at this one!

Climate Outlook: This provides a monthly and a 3-monthly outlook on a rolling basis – it’s a good guide to what the meteorologist, forecasters and climate specialists are expecting.

Weekly Note: This is the place to stay on top of what is happening – the MJO, ENSO, El Nino/La Nina and the Indian Ocean Dipole – are all updated regularly.

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