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New Weather Outlooks

New Weather Outlooks!

The Bureau of Meteorology outlook reports are important information to enable us and our LDMGs to be best positioned and to think ahead about the more likely situation we will be facing – not just today, or next week!

January – March 2016 Climate & Water Outlook has just been released: This provides a monthly and a 3-monthly outlook on a rolling basis – it’s a good guide to what the meteorologist, forecasters and climate specialists are expecting.

2015-16 South Pacific Cyclone Outlook is available: El Niño likely to decrease cyclone numbers in the western Pacific Ocean.

The important “Weekly Note” will be out 22 December 2015: This is the place to stay on top of what is happening – the MJO, ENSO, El Nino/La Nina and the Indian Ocean Dipole – are all update regularly.

Dicko’s Comments:

  • The strong El Niño has peaked and all models have it tracking down – although at best it will be in the Neutral Zone sometime in April/May. But even on decline El Niño and the record-warm temperatures of the Indian Ocean remain the significant influences on the climate!
  • South East Queensland is likely to be wetter than average over the next 3 months
  • And of course long term drought – needs a lot more than one good rainfall.

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