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LGAQ - Capacity Expansion Team

LGAQ has developed a new capability to assist during any significant disaster events.

A new team of LGAQ officers who you will be familiar with in a wide range of other portfolios have now completed the training to be ready to assist LGAQ to maintain our commitment to support councils.

These people have been trained in the QDMA, have been through an internal training session and have also been trained to be Liaison/Intelligence Officers at the SDCC.

Mark Leyland, Brett Johnson, Megan Robinson, Wilson Crawley, Tracy Haynes, Aaron Hieatt, Scott Britton, Robert Ferguson, Dorean Erhart & Michael Dickinson are now part of the team that will mean LGAQ can provide 24/7 rostered support at the SDCC during periods of activation.

This is the team at the SDCC training – they can provide the important connection during events to assist with reporting.