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Last Minute Checks - Communications

As we wind down the final days, hours and minutes of the calendar year and hopefully get some quality R&R time before we get going again in 2016.

There are a couple of last minute checks:


  • Make sure your DDC & the XO are aware of these any acting arrangements in your LDMG!
  • Councils that have requested a “ruggardised WPSS handset”… They have all been sent – please let me know if you have not received yours.
  • All WPSS activated handsets should be checked – call 0418 707 199 to confirm your connection and let me know if there are any problems.
  • LGAQ and our partners have again confirmed that all WPSS connections will be free until at least March 2016 and all ruggardised handsets will be supplied and connected to WPSS for free. You only pay for call costs!
  • I gently remind everyone - WPSS service and supply of WPSS ruggardised handsets:
    • Are ONLY available through LGAQ
    • CANNOT be activated directly by Telstra
    • Time is running out to have them connected before the break… so
    • Contact for priority activation today!