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Councils are local community champions

Councils are Local Community Champions

Local government is the level of government closest to the community. It provides essential services and support but has access to only 3 percent of public funding - despite having responsibility for almost a third of all public infrastructure. Ensuring our federation provides adequate and sustained funding to local communities is critical to their growth, livability and wellbeing.

Fast Facts

Local Governments have $150 billion in assets under management and deliver over 280 unique community services delivered and employer of over 40,000 local people. As we enter a new decade, Queensland councils not only deliver for their communities today but continue to plan for our communities into the future.

Queenslanders rely on their local council for a vast range of services, from rubbish collection to pet registration.

Councils build the roads and bridges that keep the State’s economy moving, maintain the libraries that help boost children’s literacy and help eradicate the pests and weeds that pose a threat to Queensland’s agricultural industry.

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