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Councils combatting COVID-19

Councils Combatting COVID-19

Local governments stand ready to do the heavy lifting in the fight against COVID-19 as Queensland responds and rebuilds.

The LGAQ Battleplan, if funded by the State Government will:

As the sector sustains its 40,000 strong local workforce, continues to deliver essential public health services such as water, sewerage and rubbish collection to keep our communities safe and stimulates local economies to create local jobs and support businesses and supply chain.

But councils, big or small, coastal or rural, are not immune to the impacts of COVID-19. 

To continue to provide much needed relief on the frontlines to vulnerable households and businesses, councils need help from State and Federal governments.

For the State Government, the LGAQ has developed a Battleplan and seeks funding of a framework of partnership programs that take advantage of the rapid, scalable and wide reaching impact local government can have across Queensland to create jobs, delivery projects and support local industry and economies.

At the Federal Level, the LGAQ is working with other State Associations to ensure that the level of government with the largest share of public funds at 80% is supporting councils directly as essential service providers and nation building partners - to ensure the common wealth is shared during these challenging times.

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